Finding the Best Real Estate Agent in the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast property market is one of the hottest in the country at the moment.

As the Commonwealth Games have shown, we have a lot to offer.

This level of interest is making it more difficult for local, interstate and international homebuyers to make the right choice.

More than ever, finding the right real estate agent that Gold Coast people need is vital.

Local Hub

Burleigh Heads is the centre of property activity on the Gold Coast.

It is central so it offers a wide range of opportunities, with some great value choices for the wise investor.

Its oceanside location and proximity to some of the Gold Coast’s best cafes, restaurants and public schools means it ticks all homebuyer boxes.

This low lying area around Varsity Lakes and Burleigh is a very popular place to live.

Developers and real estate agents alike face a lot of competition to keep up with demand for property.

This itself is attracting speculators from outside the area.

Honest Brokers

In such a market, you need a real estate agent Gold Coast homebuyers, sellers and businesses can trust.

There are over 40 real estate agents in Burleigh Heads alone. Across the Gold Coast as a whole, this amounts to many more.

Even though it’s a sellers’ market at the moment, if you choose the right Gold Coast real estate agent, you can turn that sale into your win.

The Gold Coast offers opportunities for all sorts of residents and businesses.

There is a spate of high rise building going on at the city’s hottest locations.

A lot of residents prefer the area for other reasons.

There are suburbs which have been settled and peaceful for decades. These are great areas to bring up a family.

As the market changes, some areas will feel the pressure.

If you are looking for a long term, settled family home, you need to choose wisely.

Of course, if you want a beachside apartment, you still want the best location and value.

Gold Coast has the space to accommodate all tastes and lifestyles.

Find Out More

For a trustworthy real estate agent Gold Coast investors can really depend on, check us out at KDPS.

We are local experts who understand the vibrant Gold Coast local market property market perfectly.

You can start by visiting our website at or call us on 07 5526 9722.

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Finding the Best Real Estate Agent in the Gold Coast