Looking for Real Estate Experts in Southport?

Southport is a Gold Coast suburb which is going places. It is ideally situated for businesses, home owners and renters of all ages.

A part of the Gold Coast which sits on many waters, Southport has a long established history.

It also offers unrivalled opportunities if you’re looking to invest in property on the Gold Coast.

A real hidden gem, this Queensland suburb is hot property.

To catch the wave, you need a real estate agent Southport residents and businesses can trust.

Business Centre

Southport is Gold Coast’s business hub. There are high rise buildings shooting up almost daily.

It is the thriving commercial centre of the Gold Coast region, one of Australia’s growth hotspots.

Over the last few years, the region has moved on from tourism and construction to pastures new.

The new commercial buildings are a testament to Southport and the Gold Coast’s position in the knowledge economy.

People are relocating here from across the Pacific Rim.

This is not going unnoticed by our southern neighbours in NSW and Victoria.

Space might be cramped around Sydney and Melbourne, but we still have a room with a view.

Whether you are looking to set up home or a business on the Gold Coast, Southport is a perfect location.

What is now a suburb was originally a port to ship timber to Brisbane.

This practical location is as handy now as it was then.

Rather than relying on one source of income, Southport now has quite a few cards up its sleeve.

Waterfront Properties

Part of the reason for establishing Southport was its eastern boundary.

Now known as the Gold Coast Broadwater, this huge stretch of water is a haven from the ocean.

It is the outlet of the Nerang River, and is separated from the Pacific by The Spit.

Wherever you are in Southport, you are never far from water.

As businesses concentrate in the area, finding property is becoming harder and harder.

Both a very popular social and residential area, Southport is the focus of intense interest by investors and home buyers.

As a long standing real estate agent Southport people trust, we are best placed to give the best advice.

Southport is home to Gold Coast’s second Chinatown.

This is a sign that the area is forward looking and eager to keep ahead of world trends.

Property is, was, and will always be a vital part of future prosperity and stability.

Southport is perfectly placed to play its full part in the future of Australia’s coming generations.

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Looking for Real Estate Experts in Southport?