Currently Trending Home Design Ideas

Property sales on the Gold Coast continue to ride the wave created by the Commonwealth Games. There are plenty of buyers around as the days get warmer at this time of year.

If you’re planning to place your property on the market while interest is on the rise, your own interest should include making sure that the presentation of your property is ready for both inspections and expectations.

At Knobel & Davis, we’re at the coalface in the property market, and we’re happy to share with you some of latest style and property design trends that people have come to expect in Australian homes in 2018.  

Curves and circles

Curves appeal to the human eye. Curved lines are never jarring or abrupt. Rather, they are relatively elegant and more often than not, soothing. Equally at home on the inside of a building or softening the visual impact of its exterior, curves can invoke the look of a classic or, executed differently, add a contemporary touch. In combination with clean lines and minimalist design, the appeal of curves can even be futuristic.

You can add curves to your property, simply by choosing your furnishings accordingly. A circular table or rug might be appropriate. Your landscaping could feature curved garden borders and circular paving stones.

If you’re renovating, your options to include curves can increase in number, exponentially.   

Passive design

This is an emerging trend in Australia but is sure to pick up momentum as people learn about its benefits. Passive heating and cooling saves homeowners money and is better for the environment. Builders and renovators are in the best position to do something in this regard. With existing structures, we suggest using paint colours judiciously, avoiding darker colours where heat is a problem. Windows and skylights can be used to bring in more natural light. Shutters can be used where there is too much heat from sun-affected windows.

Natural materials

The natural beauty of wood, glass, and metal materials continues to trend, both in Australia and around the world. People want their homes to blend with their surroundings, either in material or colour.

Small designs

The Tiny House movement is no secret. Smaller houses cost less and have a less damaging impact on the environment. New Tiny House designs feature ingenious ways to rethink layouts and maximise space. Incorporating this approach brings fresh eyes to what can be done, even in your existing home.

Above-ground pools

The Gold Coast lifestyle and swimming pools seem inseparable. Aside from the obvious relief from the heat, pools have become hubs for social gatherings. The above-ground pool has undergone something of a rebirth lately. Newer designs, incorporating quality building materials and pool surrounds, can now blend seamlessly into your home’s design.

An in-ground pool is not always within the grasp of many home owners. Above-ground pools are relatively less prohibitive, in financial and practical terms. Who wouldn’t want such a handy way to cool off as well as the water views?

Call the experts in property sales on the Gold Coast, Knobel & Davis. We’ll be only too happy to share further helpful advice to market your house.

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Currently Trending Home Design Ideas