The Benefits Of Investing In Southport

There’s a lot to love about living in Southport. Just talk to any Southport real estate agent. They’ll probably struggle to hold back.

Once you know about the many perks this Gold Coast suburb has to offer, you’ll probably be left scratching your head, wondering why Southport is still so affordable.

Let’s delve into the many reasons that Southport could well be the location for your dream home. Southport real estate agent Knobel & Davis has done the homework for you…

Yesterday and today

In 1869, Southport was known as Nerang Creek Heads. By 1875, the less gnarly name, Southport, was adopted. It was, after all, the southern-most port of the Queensland Colony.

News of excellent fishing soon reached the people of Brisbane and, by 1890, the area had earned its reputation as an idyllic seaside resort.

Tree planting was encouraged, the Southport Pier was built, a picture theatre too. Swimming baths were added. A kiosk was built.

Pretty soon the railway linked through to Southport. Weekend rail excursions saw people enjoying the pier, the nearby kiosk and the park. When they weren’t strolling along the promenade or admiring the catches of local fishermen, people were being entertained by the town band.

Southport’s position as the railway terminus from Brisbane, its location facing the Broadwater and its sea access combined to ensure its eventual development into an administrative and business centre.

Southport today boasts administrative offices, a court house, Southport School, St Hilda’s, major car dealerships, medical centres and hospitals. Residents enjoy cinemas, restaurants and plenty of shopping.

Southport is the business hub of the Gold Coast, with strong employment in the corporate world. It is also a hot spot tourist destination, with Main Beach and Surfers Paradise close-by. So there is also employment in the hospitality, as well as in the entertainment sector.

Daily life

The Southport School and St. Hilda’s School have excellent reputations and public transport is good.

Local entertainment venues and theme parks are popular with families. So too, the water sports. The opportunities for outdoor recreation are undeniable in Southport’s subtropical climate.

Fishing remains a big attraction and the choice of public boat ramps reveals that boating has a strong pull.

The beaches are beautiful and there are plenty of parks for picnics and quiet relaxation.

You’d be forgiven for not asking the more obvious question, why would you not move to Southport? With the obvious scarcity of vacant land in the vicinity, real estate values are only going to improve.

Finding a home in Southport

In quick time, either by car or on foot, you can see for yourself that the attractions that make living in Southport so easy, could hardly be more convenient.

As a respected Southport real estate agent, with a reputation for helping clients find their ideal homes, we are perfectly positioned to help find you a new home in the right location at the right price.

Call Knobel & Davis today so we can help you find your dream home in Southport.

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The Benefits Of Investing In Southport