Tips For Buying A Home In Chevron Island

Chevron Island is a beautiful place on the Gold Coast to call home. Buying a home at the Gold Coast’s beating heart, you would benefit from the local knowledge of a dedicated Chevron Island real estate agent.

Surfers Paradise is the epitome of the Australian lifestyle as imagined by the rest of the world. And Chevron Island is a jewel in the neighbourhood… with the added benefit of stepping right into the action at Surfers as the whim takes you, or retreating to the serenity of the Island.

With more than 30 years’ experience buying and selling within the Gold Coast real estate market, Knobel & Davis is well placed to give you the inside information about life onChevron Island and help you find your dream home there.

Set a budget

Buying a home on Chevron Island, as with buying a home anywhere else, needs a budget. Not too many of us can ignore our spending limit or, more specifically, bypass how much we can borrow. These are parameters that will not only help determine which homes on Chevron Island are within your price range, they also influence your purchasing power.

At Knobel & Davis, we can help you leverage your purchasing power. We can also identify opportunities in the marketplace as they arise, once we know what type of home you want—apartment, free-standing house, how many bedrooms, car parking, requirements for outside space, etc.

Look for a property to purchase

Property for sale on Chevron Island can be listed in local newspapers. This is a decreasing trend, while more and more these listings are prioritised for the internet. And, of course, local estate agents will have listings in their windows, at their websites, and most importantly, on their books.

At Knobel & Davis, we have local knowledge and our antennae are always on the alert for owners who are about to list their homes for sale.


Along with budgetary considerations, you would also be thinking about the location—perhaps schools nearby, public transport, and the commute to work.

Being a local Chevron Island real estate agent, the team at Knobel & Davis knows Chevron Island and its neighbouring suburbs well. We’re not afraid to offer frank opinions that can help align your expectations. You’ll learn more at Knobel & Davis than you’ll find online.

Know the local real estate trends

The Commonwealth Games, held earlier this year, brought the Gold Coast into the limelight once again. But even without that, its sunny appeal and enviable lifestyle guarantee the region’s unflagging popularity as a desirable place to live.

Another aspect that influences upward-trending property prices is that infrastructure development in and around the Gold Coast is relatively well-funded. Once again you’ll benefit from our up-to-date local knowledge.

If you are looking at homes to buy on Chevron Island, don’t hesitate to give Knobel & Davis a call.

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Tips For Buying A Home In Chevron Island