What’s the Difference Between Apartments and Townhouses?

As a Gold Coast real estate agent, at Knobel & Davis, we’re sometimes asked:
What is the difference between an apartment and a townhouse?

If you are trying to choose between a townhouse and an apartment, it makes sense to research the differences so that you can choose the option that works best for your family.

Not only can we explain the differences but we can help you find the best of these properties on the Gold Coast to help you find a perfect new home.

Apartments and townhouses share many similarities but they don’t share the same name for several reasons…


Apartments—or as they’re also known: units—generally share walls with other units.

Apartment buildings can be large or small, but the chief identifier is that the building comprises a number of units. So, unlike a house, an apartment is part of a group of homes, sometimes on several levels.

Most apartments also share common areas, such as car parking, courtyards and other green spaces. Some apartments share a pool. Some have a balcony or deck. Most do not have gardens or yards.

Apartments are generally smaller in size than townhouses. The traditional apartment has one or two bedrooms and is single-storey. The rule-breakers that defy the regular size and design parameters are the more expensive city apartments which are priced accordingly.

Whatever your needs and budget are, our Gold Coast real estate agents can give you a clear picture of what is available in the local market for apartments.


The main difference between apartments and townhouses is size. Townhouses tend to be larger—often with two or more bedrooms. They are typically on more than one level, unlike apartments, which are rarely on more than one level.

Townhouses, however, are similar to apartments in that they usually share at least one wall with other townhouses that are part of the complex. Not all townhouses are semi-detached. Some are free standing.

Built on a common block of land, there are generally shared areas, such as parks, swimming pools, or other amenities, for the benefit of the residents, much like in an apartment building.

Unlike apartments, townhouses often have their own garden or courtyard. These spaces vary in size and give residents a private outdoor space for the kids, or relaxing, barbecuing, and sometimes for pets.

Overall, a townhouse is closer in look and feel to a traditional house than an apartment.

If you’re looking for a townhouse or an apartment, either to live in or to invest in, we can help you find it. Call Knobel & Davis today.

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What’s the Difference Between Apartments and Townhouses?